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The RGHG Foundation connects innovative researchers with public funds to promote groundbreaking cancer research.


The Richard G. Hankett Memorial Grant Foundation offers a U.S. crowd-funded academic research grant uniquely designed to gather public donations and support university-level multidisciplinary scientific studies on viral and bacterial infection-induced cancers with low overhead costs, allowing for more funding to to go towards research rather than fees.  Invitations for application submissions will include specific details and research requirements, which will be based on the amount collected from public donations. An expert academic grant panel (professors, industry leaders, scientists) will then carefully review submissions and award outstanding candidate(s) whose research efforts closely align with the call for applications. Our foundation greatly values scientific awareness, communication, and public transparency, and aims to introduce donors to the awarded researchers as well as the research being performed with the grant money through our website. The Richard G. Hankett Memorial Research Grant is not narrowed to specific scientific disciplines, but welcomes graduate student and post doctoral scientists from chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, engineering, biology, and any related disciplines to apply.

Academic research has the power to move the world. Together we can be a part of that positive driving force.


The Richard G. Hankett Memorial Grant Foundation's mission is to support and advance excellent multidisciplinary academic cancer research. We aim to connect public funding with world leading researchers, maximize the impact of donations, and facilitate the communication of important research with the public at large.

The Richard G. Hankett Memorial Grant Foundation functions differently than normal research donation programs.  With low overhead costs and an electronic platform, we ensure that excellent academic researchers will receive large sum funding with lower overhead so they can conduct life-saving, high-impact scientific studies. This way, even a small donation can make a huge impact! 


At RGHGF, we believe in the power of innovation, taking scientifically-backed risks in research, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and in empowering the potential behind researchers. We certainly hope that you will take part in our journey to facilitate cancer research!

#GoViraltoEndBacterial   #GoViraltoEndViral


The Richard G. Hankett Memorial Grant Foundation connects public funding to worthy academic researchers. RGHGF collects public donations in one place, offers and publicizes the open call for individual research applications, sets criteria for submission and reward of academic grant(s), organizes qualified volunteer committees to review applications, and notifies awardees upon selections of grant winner(s). RGHGF aids in distributing grant funds to academic institutions, and introduces the winning researchers and research summaries to the public.  Lastly, RGHGF distributes scientific information to the public related to infection-induced cancer research, science, medicine, and engineering.

Further details can be found in the "How it Works" page of our website.


The Richard G. Hankett Memorial Grant Foundation (RGHGF) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Donations are tax deductible.


This grant was developed in memory of Richard G. Hankett, a Chicago community organizer, deacon, and city planner, husband and father of two who passed away at age 57 of linitus plastica stomach cancer, believed to have originated from a bacterial infection of Helicobacter pylori.  Also of inspiration was Katie Kurcz, Richard's niece, who died at the age of 34 after battling cancer related to the Human Papillomavirus. She was the Director of Programs at the Arts & Business Council of Chicago and an ardent arts-enrichment philanthropist, who left behind a husband, parents, siblings, a niece and nephew, and wide circle of friends.

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